In keeping with the Fast_Shop series, developed by Joachim Romain in 2009, the artist and the Vincent Tiercin gallery introduce their first NFT collection.
The Fast_Shop photographs reveal an age in which our eyes are endlessly caught up in images, both in cities and on the internet, that provoke a shopping frenzy.
Based on the digital development and available for purchase on a new sales platform, Fast_Shop_NFT artworks will be complemented by an exclusive Collector’s edition in collaboration with DJ Ben Vedren and videographer Gustabo Almenara. Over the years, these artworks will be archives of the world, relics of an era saturated by images.



Joachim Romain, DJ Ben Vedren and videographer Gustavo Almenara have developed an exclusive series that allows collectors to acquire both the Fast_Shop_NFT as well as the accompanying photographic print and music.
Fast_Shop Collector is the creative outcome following a meeting between an artist, a DJ, and a videographer. Beyond the transformation of the physical artwork into the virtual, the gallery and the artist have decided to maintain the tangible importance of the artwork. This collection is therefore a Physical NFT, which allows collectors to acquire both the NFT as well as the accompanying Fast_Shop photographic print. This new art market is made possible thanks to the collaboration with TokenArt, a French pioneer in the creation of Physical NFTs.

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This new format of unique digital artworks is traceable and authenticated, making it possible to own all or only a part of a creation; once acquired, they can be exchanged or transferred via the blockchain in a manner that is transparent and secure. Our NFTs were created on the eco-responsible MATIC blockchain.
In order to acquire an NFT, a digital wallet is required (such as Crypto Wallet, ie Metamask) that can store money or cryptocurrency. The purchase and transfer of NFT is a quick, secure process thanks to unique identity keys. Remember to keep your identification and data recovery phrase somewhere safe!
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